Trumpet Academy 2014!

The Trumpet Academy 2014 at CSUF is now in the scheduling process. Please check back frequently for exact dates. If you would like to be included in the email list so you can be notified immediately, please send your email address through the contact page.

Bruno Mars says "Go to the Trumpet Academy!!"

Barry and Bruno Mars say..                 “Go to the Trumpet Academy!!”






Trumpet Academy 2012 Great Job!


Thank you to everybody for participating. Keep practicing and see you next year!!



Trumpet Academy 2012 Too funny!


“Barry has instilled in our students a sense of pride and musicianship towards the trumpet.”

-Mike Cook
Director of Bands – Poway High School

A three-day comprehensive study of trumpet performance for all ages by the Principal Trumpet of the Pacific Symphony. We will discuss and work on trumpet playing, as well as overall musicianship. Topics studied will include:

  1. Equipment (Mouthpieces, Trumpets, Mutes, Maintenance)
  2. Breathing techniques
  3. Warm – ups
  4. The Mouthpiece Buzz
  5. Flexibility exercises
  6. Finger dexterity exercises
  7. RANGE
  8. Endurance
  9. Musical phrasing
  10. Loud/Soft playing with a good sound
  11. Intonation (with good intonation comes power)
  12. “Diamond of Sound” concept
  13. Importance of physical fitness
  15. Importance of listening to the great trumpet players
  16. Importance of listening to great musicians
  17. Leadership by example

Most of all you will stay in good playing shape over the summer!

To purchase trumpets, mouthpieces, or accessories, please visit

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