Photo Gallery


Star Wars studio session

Star Wars studio session


Barry Perkins Collective on stageBarry Perkins Collective





Photo by Nicholas Koon







Bruno Mars says "Go to the Trumpet Academy!!"

Barry with Bruno Mars


Kobe likes the classics!

Kobe likes the classics!




Night at the Pops

Night at the PSO Pops



On tour with the Los Angeles Philharmonic



Back stage with Chris Botti

Back stage with Wynton

On stage with Rick Baptist

Session at Sony







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3 thoughts on “Photo Gallery

  1. I have a grandson in trumpet with school marching bands and concert/jazz interests. Are you planning a 2014 summer academy program.

  2. I love the Nutcraker excerpt!
    Is that you?? Keep up the great playing! :)
    It reminds me of the sounds from the floor boards at my brothers high school in gym and the benches. The sounds accompany the trumpet solo very well…

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