Image5 Barry is finally moving his teaching studio to his home in Murrieta!!



Private Lessons:

Lessons are offered in my home on the weekly basis. One-hour lessons are strongly recommended for advanced, high school and beyond students.  30-minute time slots are recommended for middle school students. Each student is given the opportunity to learn at their own pace and develop their individual skills.


The only way we get better at things is by diligently working on them regularly.  Each student will have weekly assignments and learn and progress at their own rate.  I strongly recommend a dedicated and allotted practice time every day.  This will encourage good discipline, time management and learning habits. Suggested lengths of time of daily practice are as follows:

Young/Beginning student: At least 20 minutes daily

1-3 year students: At least 30 minutes daily

More than 4 years: At least 60 minutes a day.


Payment is due the first lesson of the month for the entire month’s worth of lessons.  Your payment reserves your child’s day and time for trumpet lessons.  Although cash is preferred, payment may be made via check made payable to Perkins Music Productions, Inc.  **Please email me for current rates


Please ensure that you or your child is on time for their assigned lesson.  Your payment reserves your child’s time slot.  Due to my busy schedule, much planning is involved when scheduling monthly lessons for you or your child.  Scheduled lessons cannot be extended if your child is late.  In many instances, another student may have the next time slot after your assigned child.  Make up lessons will not be offered for missed scheduled lessons without prior notice of needing to cancel the scheduled lesson.  In the event I have to miss a lesson, advance notice will be given and a make up lesson will be scheduled.

Cancellation Policy

As we well know, life is always full of unforeseen schedule changes. In the event something happens that will prevent your child from attending their scheduled lesson, please provide me the courtesy of notifying me as soon as possible via email.  Cancellations for scheduled lessons must be received at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled lesson to avoid incurring the cost of the lesson.  In the event a cancellation is not received at least 24 hours prior to a scheduled lesson, payment for the missed lesson will be due immediately and will need to be received prior to resuming future lessons. Likewise, sometimes I might have a last minute recording session, so in this case if I don’t notify you 24 hours before the scheduled lesson, I will reschedule an additional lesson free of charge.
Healthy Students:

It is my intent to protect students and my family from germs while they are having their lessons.  There will be hand sanitizer available to use before each lesson.  Students who miss school for any health reason should also miss their lesson that day.  Remember, most likely I will have a concert to play that week and as you know there is nothing more uncomfortable than playing the trumpet in front of thousands of people with a cold :-)

If you are interested in lessons, please send me a message through the contact page and I will put you on the interest list and contact you soon.

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