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 Photo by Gabriel Bienczycki

Album design by William Perkins

Barry Perkins Collective on stage




Photo by: Nicholas Koon


BPC on stage 8 bw







To purchase this limited edition CD please use the Paypal link below. Since this CD contains only 5 tracks from the upcoming release, this price includes shipping within the United States for your convenience.

Click these links to hear the BPC:

Amado Mio

Milonga Del Angel

Muerte Del Angel

The Prayer

Cinema Paradiso

Take a musical journey around the world with the “Barry Perkins Collective”. These four outstanding musicians with diverse musical backgrounds come together to form one of the most eclectic groups around. While embarking on this musical journey, gorgeous sounds and lush arrangements fuse a variety of styles from the American songbook to contemporary jazz and popular aria melodies. Other stops along the way include songs made popular by artists such as Chris Botti, Andrea Bocelli, and Astor Piazzolla. Having fun is always a priority as your favorite Bossa Novas and Tangos fill the air but with a new and interesting sound.¬† As members of the Pacific Symphony, these four offer a unique, fresh, and polished musical experience that will remind you of their classical roots.



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